Body Care


Chair Massage
Relax upright and fully clothed—great for quick kink relief.
10 minutes $18 and up
20 minutes $32 and up

Express Massage
A half hour of pure bliss. Special attention for the neck, arms, shoulders and back.
$65 and up

Essential Massage
A full hour of relaxation and light to medium pressure complemented by your own unique blend of Aveda essences.
$112 and up
$336 series of 4

Ultimate Massage
The essential massage plus—indulge yourself with a full hour and a half to unwind and de-stress.
$135 and up

Deep Tissue Massage
Release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and direct, deep pressure. This intense one-hour service focuses on more specific problem areas and may cause some soreness during or after the massage. Includes heat or ice if needed.
$135/60 minutes
$194/90 minutes

Pregnancy Massage
Recommended for second and third trimesters. Focus on comfortable positioning, relieving tension and reducing the stress on Mom’s changing body.
$112 and up
$336 series of 4

River Rock Rub

Smooth, heated stones are incorporated into a relaxing massage that also produces re-energizing responses in the body. The spa has hand-collected many of the stones from the Olympic Peninsula.
$135 and up

Togetherness Massage
Enjoy a relaxing massage in our Gathering Grove Room with your loved ones or friends.
$224 and up


Revitalizing Salt Glow
A full body exfoliating treatment using essential oils and Dead Sea salts, which smooth, soften and revitalize skin.
$118 and up

Hydrating Body Wrap
Renew the body and mind with a stimulating and nurturing body wrap. The treatment smooths and softens the skin, while aromatherapy essences awaken the senses. Includes choice of Eye Zone Wrap or Spa Scalp Revitalizer.
$118 and up

Detoxifying Body Masque
De-stress and Detox under our enveloping steam canopy. Includes a luxurious eye zone wrap.
$118 and up

Essential Back Treatment
Provides deep cleansing and refining while relaxing your mind and body. Promotes healthy, clear skin. Extractions if needed.
$86 and up

Hand and Foot Treatment
A soothing warm foot bath followed by having your hands and feet exfoliated, massaged, moisturized and wrapped in herbal comfort.
$65 and up

Spa Extra Care
These enhancers may be incorporated into any one-hour treatment with the same service provider.

Reflexology Treat

Spa Scalp Revitalizer

Back Salt Scrub

Hot Stone Spot Treats

Eye Zone Wrap

Deep Tissue Extra

Rejuvenating Hot Rocks Sauna
Get cozy…detox and relax the body and mind

Town Car Door-to-Door Service
In the Greater Seattle Area
$108 and up