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Stressed Out? Breathe In.

Stress can really take a toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. At Habitude we are committed to keeping you well, with regular Spa Therapy and by recommending home care rituals that you can do every day for yourself.

Our new Stress-Fix body lotion, concentrate and soaking oils are all Ecocert-certified and definitely do the trick. We know many of you are probably getting home from work, making dinner, folding that load of clothes, doing home and housework, putting the kids down to bed and then… plunking exhausted in front of the TV.

Imagine instead that you turn your bathroom in to a Habitude spa treatment room. First, lock the door, dim the lights, light a candle, fill the tub and add some amazing Stress-Fix soaking salts infused with french lavender and clary sage. Soak away stress with your eyes closed and hum the calming sound of the bumblebee breath. Inhale deeply and as you slowly exhale, repeat the letter “m” over and over making a humming sound…repeat for 2-5 minutes and come to life feeling like a whole new you!

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