All I have to say is WOW...that went fast. From the fires and floods to the friendships and hardships, it has been an incredible 20 years! Thinking back to all of the amazing teams that have come together over the years to make Habitude possible is humbling. We went through the lists the other day and believe that almost 1000 talented artists, healers and leaders have worked with and for us. We also are so grateful for the over 200,000 guests that we have served in our beloved Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods as well as throughout Seattle and beyond.



Thank you all for letting me live the dream...and here is to another 20 years of being a small part of yours.


Founder, Habitude Salons and Spa


Habitude at the Locks | 2801 NW Market Street | Seattle
Habitude Fremont | 513 N 36th Avenue | Seattle
Reservations: 206.782.2898

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