Crux Academy


The Crux is the smallest and most distinctive of the constellations in the universe. It means a basic, vital or pivotal point. We believe that new stylists are at a pivotal point in their career and we take it really seriously. At our Crux Academy, they learn and collaborate with senior stylists and get real life experience on real customers. The good news is that you, your friends, teens and family will be able to enjoy incredible Habitude Hair Services at half the price! These fresh talent stylists are fully licensed and working shoulder to shoulder with years of experience. High end service, high end products, high end color for half the price, you deserve it.

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Interested in joining our team?
Our half-year program consists of both intimate formal classes to polish skills and informal learning opportunities assisting our Elite Stylists in the salon. The process starts with your resume. We will review your experience and if your skill set matches our needs, you will be invited to audition, show us your stuff and you’re on your way!