Body Care

Chair Massage
Relax upright and fully clothed—great for quick kink relief.
10 minutes $18 and up
20 minutes $32 and up

Neck Relief
A half hour of pure bliss. Special attention for the neck, arms, shoulders and back.
$65 and up

Essential Massage
A full hour of relaxation and light to medium pressure complemented by your own unique blend of Aveda essences.
$112 and up
$336 series of 4

Ultimate Massage
The essential massage plus—indulge yourself with a full hour and a half to unwind and de-stress.
$135 and up

Deep Tissue Massage
Release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and direct, deep pressure. This intense one-hour service focuses on more specific problem areas and may cause some soreness during or after the massage. Includes heat or ice if needed.
$135/60 minutes
$194/90 minutes

Pregnancy Massage
Recommended for second and third trimesters. Focus on comfortable positioning, relieving tension and reducing the stress on Mom’s changing body.
$112 and up
$336 series of 4

River Rock Rub
Smooth, heated stones are incorporated into a relaxing massage that also produces re-energizing responses in the body. The spa has hand-collected many of the stones from the Olympic Peninsula.
$135 and up

Togetherness Massage
Enjoy a relaxing massage in our Gathering Grove Room with your loved ones or friends.
$224 and up

Hydrating Salt Glow
A full body exfoliating treatment using essential oils and Dead Sea salts, which smooth, soften and revitalize skin.
$108 and up

Rosemary Mint Awakening Wrap
Renew the body and mind with a stimulating and nurturing body wrap. The treatment smooths and softens the skin, while rosemary and peppermint essences awaken the senses. Includes choice of Eye Zone Wrap or Spa Scalp Revitalizer.
$118 and up

Caribbean Body Wrap
Float as your body is brushed and slathered in a warm aromatic blend of deep sea algae, aloe and vanilla. Complete your journey as you retreat to our private showers to cool off and rehydrate with mango butter body creme.
$118 and up

Seaweed Body Masque
De-stress and Detox under our enveloping steam canopy. After a full body lymphatic brushing, a heated seaweed masque is applied from neck to toes to draw out impurities and re-mineralize the skin while you relax. Includes a luxurious eye zone wrap.
$118 and up

Herbal Body Masque
After the skin is exfoliated, a warmed herbal masque is applied from neck to toes. De-stress and Detoxify under our enveloping steam canopy of lavender, peppermint and other herbs. Relax while your skin becomes conditioned and moisturized. Includes a luxurious eye zone wrap.
$118 and up

A deeply relaxing and soothing movement of energy that works on three levels: mental, emotional and spiritual.
$106 and up

An intensive hour treatment of the feet that cleanses the body of toxins, stimulates creativity and productivity, and balances your whole system.
$106 and up

Hand and Foot Treatment
A soothing warm foot bath followed by having your hands and feet exfoliated, massaged, moisturized and wrapped in herbal comfort.
$65 and up

Spa Extra Care
These enhancers may be incorporated into any one-hour treatment with the same service provider.

Reflexology Treat

Aromatic Exfoliation

Spa Scalp Revitalizer

Back Salt Scrub

Hot Stone Spot Treats

Eye Zone Wrap

Deep Tissue Extra

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